Media Mash #100: Hannity and Bozell Slam Raddatz, Agree That NBC Is the Place for 'Slop Journalism'

For the 100th segment of “Media Mash” on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News, Hannity honed in on the vice presidential debate, where moderator Martha Raddatz was constantly interrupting Ryan on budget issues. “She was just awful!” Hannity said perhaps the Republicans should look for moderators who've attended their weddings.

MRC president Brent Bozell replied, “First of all, when will Republicans ever learn to vet moderators before they hire them?” Hannity added, “That’s a good point.” They also mocked NBC News as “slop.” [Transcript and video below]


Bozell disagreed a bit with Hannity on Raddatz, at least in the early part of the debate: “She started off well, actually. She was composed. Her questions were even-handed. She did a good job. They talk about Jim Lehrer losing control of the debate. Well, she lost control of herself, because by the end of it she’s interrupting Joe Biden interrupting Paul Ryan. It was a disaster of a performance on her part.“

Brent said the worst part was Raddatz interrupting Ryan as he was asking Biden where were the five million green jobs Obama promised. He agreed with previous guest Charles  Krauthammer that Ryan should have kept pressing his point and forced the moderator to stop interrupting.

Hannity said Jim Lehrer was great because “he got out of they way, let ‘em debate.” He added, “If Joe Biden loses in 25 days, I’m thinking – NBC News, it’s the perfect place for an unhinged over-the-top extreme leftist. He’d be perfect over there.”

This prompted Bozell to add “Chuck Todd, the political director of NBC News, called the Rasmussen Poll quote-unquote, ‘slop.’ He got it wrong. What is slop is NBC News, the network of Chris Matthews, and Schultz, and Rachel Maddow. That is slop journalism. Slop!”