Last Chance for Your Very Own 'Journalists for Obama' Parody T-Shirts

We'd like to thank everyone who helped us out recently by sending in their tax-deductible donations to further our mission here at NewsBusters. As an expression of our gratitude, we sent out a shipment of parody "Journalists for Obama" T-shirts on Friday to everyone who contributed at least $35. You will be receiving them in the mail shortly. These are the same T-shirts that liberals snatched up like hotcakes in Charlotte. Some of them were actual journalists (see photo below) who thought Journalists for Obama was a real group, you know, apart from its unofficial existence in newsrooms all over America.

We still have quite a few shirts left, however, so we decided to extend our T-shirt offer until midnight Eastern of October 11. Just go to to donate or fill out the form you'll find embedded below the page break:

Caption: Two of MRC’s field team (left) were handing out ‘Journalists For Obama’ t-shirts near the MSNBC stage at the DNC Convention.

Photo credit: MRCTV Senior Video Producer Bob Parks.