Open Thread: Obama Backers Support Hiking Taxes on the Rich, Are Totally Clueless What Current Tax Rate Is

A recent poll conducted by GlobeScan, a market-research firm, shows that 58 percent of Americans believe that the rich are deserving of their wealth. This may come as a surprise to some Americans given President Obama’s consistent efforts to raise taxes on the wealthy, and his continued banter about “fair share” and putting “skin in the game.” This survey shows that the Obama Administration’s attempts to demonize the wealthly are not working.

But what about those who want higher income earners to pay more? Well, our friends at MRCTV took to the streets to interview supporters of Obama’s proposed tax hike on the wealthy. It quickly becomes apparent in the video that while Obama loyalists support tax hikes, they are completely clueless as to what the current tax rate. Many of them think a fair rate would be around 30 percent, which is below both the current tax rate and the Clinton-era top tax bracket. [see video below page break]

Open Thread

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