On Hannity, Brent Bozell Says CNN Shouldn't Call Anyone Else 'Sore Losers' When Fox Dominates Them in Ratings

Guest-hosting on Hannity Thursday night, author Monica Crowley told MRC President Brent Bozell, “You guys do great work at the Media Research Center, pointing all this stuff out.  I do not know how they go on national TV every night with a straight face when one day it’s one thing, and the next day it’s something else.”

The “Media Mash” segment focused on the whiplash-inducing shift of the national media from denouncing Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts as an ultraconservative zero to praising him as a liberal hero, and how CNN suggested the GOP were "sore losers" afterward (video and transcript below):

BOZELL: David Gregory I thought had the most striking comment when he said that a 5-4 decision would be, would show how dysfunctional the country was, how it was a nightmare. Do you think David Gregory would have said -- did he say 5-4 when it was upheld? Did he go on the news that night and say it was a dysfunctional decision and it was a nightmare scenario? It’s only a nightmare of dysfunctionality if it goes against them.

Monica Crowley said she especially enjoyed a clip of CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin taunting Sen. Mel Blunt as a “sore loser” for continuing to advocate a repeal of ObamaCare. Brent said that’s a funny line, considering how CNN gets dominated daily by Fox News in the ratings, and they never seem to call off the battle:

CROWLEY: You know, Brent, I'm so happy that Brooke Baldwin at CNN is there to tell me that I'm a sore loser, and to tell me how I feel about this decision. This is the craziest left-wing editorializing, right?

BOZELL: Well yeah, it is. But this is, she’s doing a victory lap on this one. She’s relishing the victory that she was a part of, in fact. But you know, you ask yourself, okay, if it had been turned down 5 to 4, would she have then called Obama, who you know would have appealed this, saying were gonna take this to the voters in November, blah, blah, blah, would she she have called him a sore loser? Well, of course, not a million years would she or anybody else at CNN do this. But this is what happened, Monica. Before the vote they were besides themselves in anger that this thing might go down. And then they needed smelling salts after the vote when it turned out they had won again.

CROWLEY And, by the way, you know, her phrase "sore losers," I wonder if Miss Baldwin or anyone else in the left wing media, invoked that phrase when governor scott walker won his recall election, you had leftet journalists like Ed Schultz at MSNBC weeping on the air. I didn’t see any kind of “sore loser” commentar there.

BOZELL Okay, let's talk sore losers. I think CNN should look at their ratings every month, see how they're in last place against Fox News. Maybe we should call them sore losers and maybe they should go off the air.

CROWLEY:  Probably the reason they're in last place, pulling up the rear, brent, is because of this left wing editorializing.

BOZELL: Absolutely.