Open Thread: What's Next for Herman Cain?

While ideas for Herman Cain's future have been tossed around - including hosting a TV show - Cain knows that he will not be running again for office in the near future, blaming the harmful "false accusations" of "lazy journalism."

According to an interview with the Daily Caller, Cain said "he doesn’t regret running for the White House, saying his 9-9-9 tax reform plan sparked a discussion among the GOP candidates about reforming the tax system," and added that if the media hadn't been so caught up in the accusations, he "would be the front-runner heading into Iowa, absolutely."

What do you think Cain's future will involve? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

In the meantime, many are looking to Cain to endorse a Republican presidential candiate.

...Cain said he plans to eventually endorse, but doesn’t want to do it until “emotions subside.” [...]

Asked to assess the race, Cain said among his “biggest frustrations” are the “negative attacks” in the campaign “going on in Iowa right now and across this country.”

Without going into specifics, Cain said, “The negative stuff is what almost pushes me to endorse earlier, but I’m not going to.”

According to the Daily Caller, Cain will launch a new initiative in January to promote tax reform and his approach to foreign policy. When asked about possibly serving as secretary of defense, Cain explained, "You don’t need to have defense expertise. You don’t even need to have military expertise. You need to have leadership expertise. That’s what I would bring to that job." On the topic of hosting a TV show, Cain said he hadn't yet been approached, but would consider the possibility.

Who do you think Cain will endorse and what do you think is next for him?

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