Open Thread: Will Voter IDs Fix Voter Fraud?

A number of states across the country are pushing voter ID measures to curb voter fraud at the polls. Unfortunately, the Republicans pushing these measures are often accused of being racist or disenfranchising toward minority groups of the population without access to government-issued identification. In fact, just last week on Nov. 14, a group of Democratic representatives met to discuss what they see as the dangers of voter ID laws. According to a Daily Caller article, though, voter fraud on election day might be the least of everyone's worries: the real fraud could be a result of absentee ballotts.

Check out a video after the break of former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis of Alabama explaining how he believes voter fraud is actually accomplished, and let us know your thoughts on how to fix the problem in the comments.


Davis insists that anti-fraud measures actually need to be instated to protect minorities from corrupt political bosses running Democratic Party machines in the South.

Click here for video. As explained to the Daily Caller:

“What I have seen in my state, in my region, is the the most aggressive practitioners of voter-fraud are local machines who are tied lock, stock and barrel to the special interests in their communities — the landfills, the casino operators — and they’re cooking the [ballot] boxes on election day, they’re manufacturing absentee ballots, they’re voting [in the names of] people named Donald Duck, because they want to control politics and thwart progress,” he told TheDC.

How do you think voter fraud should be fixed?

Open Thread

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