Open Thread: Wis. Senate Approves Gov. Walker's Legislation

Last night, Wisconsin Republicans decided they had waited long enough for fourteen fugitive Democrats to return to the state. Senate Republicans removed parts of the bill directly relating to the state budget, thereby removing the 20-vote quorum requirement, and allowing bill to move forward. The legislation passed in an 18-1 vote, and will be considered by the State Assembly today.

As expected, protests erupted after the vote, and continued late into the night. Blogger Ann Althouse's husband, who was at the capitol, warned everyone to stay away: "ANYBODY CAN GET IN AND ANYBODY CAN BRING ANYTHING IN. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO SECURITY WHATEVER." There were also reports of windows and doors being broken. Here's a video from inside the capitol rotunda:

There have been murmurs of a general strike - a strike by every union, public and private, in the state - which is illegal, so if true, Gov. Walker's resolve will be tested yet again. Do you think he will give in to union pressure, or hold the line in his continued fight to balance Wisconsin's state budget?

Open Thread

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