Open Thread: 'Progressive' Protesters Call for Lynching of Black Man

But it's okay, because he's a conservative. Or something. That's right, when asked what we should do with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas after he's impeached, attendees of last weekend's far-left "decloak the Kochs" protest rally had some, er, wild ideas. Those included "string him up," "hang him," and "put him back in the fields."

Check out the video below the fold via our friends at Eyeblast.TV, but be warned: it contains some pretty shocking and vulgar - and extremely racist - content.

Of course if this had been a Tea Party rally, you wouldn't need to come to NewsBusters to see the video, since it would be running on a loop on every nightly news broadcast. But that said, is it fair to call the entire "progressive movement" racist because of these few loons? Of course not. Still, it does give you quite a taste of the left's ungodly hatred for black conservatives.

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