Open Thread: WikiLeaks Releases Names of Hundreds of Afghan Informants

Ed Morrissey argues the move will "will probably result in more dead Americans as well as Afghans." Meanwhile Assange is cowering in Sweden.

If the information on the progress of the war from the much-ballyhooed Wikileaks publication of 92,000 documents didn’t come as a big surprise to Americans who have paid attention to the Af-Pak theater, it apparently will come as a big surprise to those in Afghanistan who have worked with US forces.  Julian Assange’s leak included the names of hundreds of informants and people working with US forces in Afghanistan.  Those people will now have to be protected, and it’s not likely they’ll be replaced...

What will this mean for the war effort?  The US will probably have to move all of the people named in the documents and their families, which means they won’t be able to continue in their current efforts.  After this exposure, we’ll have a lot of trouble finding anyone else who wants to work with us on the ground in Afghanistan, which makes our efforts there a hell of a lot more complicated, and will probably result in more dead Americans as well as Afghans.

Some lawmakers are calling Assange's move "treason" and demanding prosecution. What do you think the US's best course of action is?

Open Thread

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