MRC Launches 'Tell the Truth' Site Aimed at Peddlers of Fake Limbaugh Quotes

What do leftist documentary maker Robert Greenwald, Little Green Footballs blogger Charles Johnson, and Daily Beast contributor Max Blumenthal have in common?

They all peddled malicious, false quotes attributed to Rush Limbaugh and are unrepentant about furthering false information regarding the talk show host.

NewsBusters parent company the Media Research Center has a new Web site complete with video and/or screenshots of these and others in the media furthering the phony quotes.

In Greenwald's case, his Web site still contains video with CNN's Rick Sanchez reading the now-infamous "slavery" quote.

While Sanchez has since issued a retraction, neither Greenwald nor Blumenthal have. What's more, an unrepentant Johnson angrily declared on September 21:

There will be no retraction. The quote is disputed, but it has not been proven false. And there are plenty of other racist quotes that you seem to be just gliding right past that are NOT disputed.

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