MSNBC Host Agrees With Lib Donor: Republicans ‘on Crazy Train’

With the completely un-newsworthy chyron “Democratic Donor Calling for Trump’s Impeachment” plastered across the screen, MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle brought on liberal super-donor Tom Steyer so that she could ask him what options liberals had to get rid of President Trump, since Republicans “are not getting off” of “that crazy train.”

Ruhle began the interview on her June 13 MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle, with a façade of telling Steyer to be objective: “Tom, your career, your background is in risk management. You have a deep understanding of probability and statistics. So take out how you feel, and walk me through, how has President Trump met the standards to begin looking to – looking into impeachment.”

After Steyer went on a rant about how “we don’t know where the Russian investigation is going, but what we do know is that the President has already obstructed justice, by his own words,” Ruhle almost had a moment of clarity. “Since we don’t know where the Russia investigation is going, why not wait for Robert Mueller to give us more results? There is a risk that, with so much hand-wringing and noise, you can turn into white noise and you could lose people's attention. Why make this action now? Why not give it some more time?”

Steyer replied with the typical liberal donor jargon, “Well, let me say this. I don't think we're going to lose people's attention. The fact of the matter is: the Republicans have done a deal with the devil. They are tied to this crazy wagon. And no matter what happens, America can't look away from it.”

Ruhle wholeheartedly followed Steyer with the crazy wagon/crazy train metaphor. “The counter argument, though, is: will people pay attention to this, because this is what the media feeds them. That crazy train you say Republicans are on, and I understand it, they are not getting off of it. President Trump has insulted, has humiliated, has attacked his own party time and again and they continue to line up right behind him. Did you watch that greeting, that praise, that he had with his cabinet yesterday? It was bizarro world but they continued to do it. So, what gives you any confidence that Republicans are gonna get off that crazy train? They control the house.”

To end the interview, Ruhle teed up Steyer to call out "business leaders" he had "known for years" who stood by Trump. Predictably, Steyer agreed that these people were "making a gigantic mistake" by "lending whatever credibility they have to the President, to make it seem as if this is an adminstration that is normal, that is under control, that has the support of people who have credibility and long-standing relationships."

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