Soros Backs Student Loan Protests: Dan Gainor on The Blaze TV with Andrew Wilkow

“I know who they think should pay for it -- that’s you and me and everybody watching this program right now,” Media Research Center VP for Business and Culture Dan Gainor said on The Blaze TV’s “Wilkow!” on June 27. Gainor was discussing the left’s push for the government to step in and help with student loan debt.

“What’s funny is that the left has set this up so they caused the problem, and then they try to solve the problem. Either way we’re the ones who get stuck,” Gainor said of those pushing this agenda. “They want infinite government involvement in every aspect of our lives, so somehow they’re never the ones to pay for it all.”

(video after break)


Gainor pointed out that much of the push for government intervention could be traced back to liberal billionaire George Soros. “Higher education is run by the left in this country. We’ve got the government funding these low interest loans, which have enabled high education to, you know, skyrocket in cost. So now, they’ve got this problem where student loan debt, as you said, is at a trillion dollars. So, their solution, of course, is dump it back on everyone else. Dump it back on people who are not democrats, dump it back on people who are, you know, people who might vote for someone else.

“And their solution, of course, is all pushed by the very same people who push all the lefty initiatives: and that’s George Soros. I mean, you look at the top seven groups involved here, from 2000 to 2010 they got more than 16 million dollars from Daddy Warbucks -- George Soros.”

“How could there be something unjust about signing a contract voluntarily?” Wilkow asked Gainor, “If you want to be treated like a mature adult at the age of 18, and you signed a college loan agreement – you decided to do this voluntarily. Nobody forced you to take out a student loan.”

Gainor replied that there are two types of people who take out student loans. “One type are people who have a reasonable chance to earn mega money: doctors and lawyers. They’re getting advanced graduate degrees, and of course they’re going to owe a lot of money, and then they’re going to earn heavy six-figure or even seven-figure or higher salaries in their career. You know, they’re earning for paying later. Then there’s the other group, the people who get six figure loans to get an art degree from somewhere like Columbia, where they’re going to end up earning $30,000 a year. And, to put it mildly, they’re just idiots.”

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