Molly Yard and the Supreme Court

In reporting her death, ABC News highlighted former National Organization for Women president Molly Yard's opposition to Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork. What went unmentioned is that Ms. Yard also vehemently opposed Justice David Souter's nomination. She ended her written testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee:

"Are you prepared to deny freedom to women? Are you prepared to deny reproductive health to women? Are you prepared for lawlessness, and for the death of your daughters and your granddaughters? I tremble for this country if you confirm David Souter. But most of all I tremble for the women of America and their families."

This is ironic when you consider that Souter has become a reliable pro abortion vote on the Court.

One of the lighter moments during the hearings came when it was time for Senator Strom Thurmond to ask Ms. Yard and other feminists on her panel questions. He said, ""Mr. Chairman, we have a lovely group of ladies here. We thank you for your presence. I have no questions." Asking no questions was undoubtedly an insult to the gals. Referring to them as "lovely ladies" was like waving a Crucifix at Count Dracula and Ms. Yard reacted with obvious disgust.

When Molly got a chance, she told committee member Alan Simpson: "Through you, if I might, apologize to Strom Thurmond if he didn't like my glances but we are greeted every time we come before him as ladies, you are all so attractive. Somehow it does not sit well. Maybe you could explain to him that we would like to be treated the way you treat everybody else. You don't say to men, gentlemen, you all look lovely."

Strom was such a rogue. Molly just didn't get it.


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