Some Additional Comment Experimenting

Tonight, I'm trying out a slightly modified Disqus look for the site. What do you think?

There are a few differences including the fonts. It is now easier to see discussions taking place in other NB comment threads by clicking the "Discussion" tab in the comments below. One other addition: the comments now live update as they are made.

The comments do not automatically reload, however. When new ones come in, you can simply click "Display new comments" to view them in the thread. No page reload is necessary.

You are also able to better keep track of replies to your own comments via the "My Disqus" tab.

And, you can also vote down comments without flagging them for removal.

What do you, dear NB readers, think of this format? Should we keep it or go back to the regular Disqus comments?

Update 1:35. Pending further testing, I'm going to return back to the old Disqus format. I want to make sure our IE using readers are able to see everything properly.

For those viewing this thread subsequently, to get a look at the new Disqus format, please check out the comments on our sister site

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