Technical Note

Considering the huge hit that Noel Sheppard's post about the posters of President Obama as the Joker was, we had to make some major server changes in order to accomodate the massive influx of readers (over 570,000 pageviews as of this writing).

Most of the changes haven't affected the site itself, however, there are a couple of bugs which we're still working on fixing. The first one is that you currently can't navigate through prior editions of the home page. To get around this, please use our Archive feature and navigate to the dates you're looking for.

The other bug is that the search engine is not working. You can get around that by going to Google and typing in your search terms and then follow it with For example, if I were looking up articles about Joe Biden, I would type this:

joe biden

We're working hard to fix these two bugs and will notify everyone when it is fixed. Thanks for your patience!

Admin Notes
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