NewsBusters Turns Three

Three years ago on August 9, 2005 was the first day of NewsBusters.

What a great three years it's been. In the intervening time since our start, we've been featured in every major American newspaper, launched a number of stories into the national news cycle, and had a lot of fun doing it.

We couldn't have done any of this had it not been for the fantastic institution of the Media Research Center that Brent Bozell has succeeded in building. Thanks also are due to MRC vice president Brent Baker who was able to see what NewsBusters could grow into, the first and strongest collaboration between a Washington political group and the blogosphere.

We're also grateful to the many conservative media figures who have promoted this site in their audiences.Thanks in particular to Rush Limbaugh who has stood up as a strong supporter of NewsBusters since day one. We're also grateful to the fair-minded journalists who realize that yes, even a bunch of evil right-wingers might occassionally have a point in our critiques. Thanks also to our fellow members of the blogosphere for being out there on the frontlines of new media reporting the news the MSM won't.

Finally thanks to you our readers. We couldn't have done it without your continued viewership, story tips, and your help in spreading the word about NewsBusters. Together we are making a difference.

I look forward to continuing to do that for many years to come.

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