Welcome to the New NB

The upgrade has completed successfully. If you're seeing this post, your computer has realized the change to the new NB.

Here's a quick run-down of some of the features:

  • The end to automatic logout. Before, the system logged you out after about 15 minutes of inactivity. Now, you must manually log out.
  • Pictures in accounts. To make one for yourself, go to "My account," click "Edit," and then scroll down to the "Picture" section. Use the form there to upload a tasteful picture of yourself or something you like.
  • Printer friendly pages. A link for a printer-friendly page of just the article is available at the bottom of every full article.
  • More comments per page. The comment system now allows you to have up to 300 comments per page as the new default. For existing users, you will need to change your setting to enable this. Scroll down to the end of a comment area and change the "Comment viewing options" to "300 comments per page."
  • Easier comment reading. Even and odd comments display in alternate styles to facilitate reading long discussions.
  • Successful import of the buddylist. We got it working for everyone.
  • More compatible HTML editor that works w/o a snag in Firefox and Mozilla.
  • Improved RSS. The NewsBusters RSS feed now includes the full text of all articles and features up to 25 at a time.
  • Improved private messaging. Our PM system now automatically completes user names for you as you type them in thanks to AJAX technology.
  • Better search engine that includes more ways to refine your search. We may change this again.

Update 07-17: I have closed the comments for this article. Please post bug reports on this node.

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