WaPo's Blake Notes Obama Would Win Slacker Vote; Bummed Because It's The Slacker Vote

President Obama has the slacker vote totally in the bag. Now if only there was a way to get all those Jeff Spicoli types to, you know,  get off their duffs and vote.

That's the long and short of Aaron Blake's August 15 "The Fix" item in the Washington Post. "If everyone in America voted, President Obama wold be on his way to a second term," Blake noted.

"It does show room for growth in the Democratic Party if it can mobilize unmotivated voters to actually turn out at the polls,"  Blake held out hopefully.

But alas, "If people don’t vote, their candidate preferences won’t have an impact. And these Americans clearly aren’t paying much attention to politics; only 39 percent can identify Joe Biden as the current vice president."

Blake seems truly bummed that politically-ignorant Americans are going to absent themselves from the polls and, at the very least, make this a much tighter race than it would be if they just got off the couch before 6 p.m. to pull the lever for the Democrats.

The rest of us just find it incredibly telling that slackers and political illiterates are gravitating heavily to "support" a president who hasn't met with his jobs council in over six months and who has a habit of hitting the links whenever he possibly can.

Maybe that's why MSNBC's Krystal Ball likes the idea of mandatory voting.  

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