HuffPo: No Sex for Republicans

As the 2012 campaign nears its close, the left seems increasingly to be shooting from the hip – and aiming at the crotch.

Many conservatives have been appalled by the coarseness of some of the Obama campaign’s missives: things like “vote like your lady parts depend on it,” the Lena Dunham ad associating women voting for Obama with losing their virginity, or every third word out of Joe Biden’s mouth.

And that’s just the official messaging. It gets far worse in the swamps of liberal opinion. How about a visit to The Huffington Post, the online newsletter of the Hollywood left?

In what seems to have been a humor piece in HuffPo’s “Gay Voices” blog, someone named Nico Lang exhorted readers, “If They’re Voting for Mitt Romney, Don’t Have Sex With Them.” That’s right. Think Lysistrata with a lobotomy.

“If every non-Romney voter in America promises to never again hook up with, have a casual sexual relationship with or even go to first with a Mitt supporter, our swing states will go blue in a heartbeat,” Lang wrote. “No one wants to give up that liberal nookie.”

Lang’s article was one overlong, sniggering adolescent sex joke, never getting brainier than smutty puns on John Boehner’s last name. It was punctuated with leftist condescension (“Against my better judgment sometimes, I love this country …”) and liberal culture war bugbears like “[D]on't have sex with a Romney supporter, because you will get pregnant and have few options for your reproductive or sexual health.”)

Obviously, a sentence like, “So, whatever you do, don't play rumpy-pumpy with the GOP” isn’t supposed to be serious political argument. And nobody ever accused HuffPo of intellectual and moral seriousness. But it’s telling that HuffPo found lines like “Would Kofi tap dat a**?” funny, let alone worth publishing.

Small wonder the Obama campaign doesn’t mind taking the low road.

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