ABC Keeps Ignoring Its Own Poll of Bad News for Democrats In November

On Tuesday evening, ABC again skipped its own poll showing voter disapproval of both President Obama and Senate Democrats up for re-election.

Obama's approval rating was underwater at 46 percent, while voters preferred Republican senate candidates to Democrats 50-42. The poll noted that "Anti-incumbent sentiment is largely economic in nature; as such, while there's dissatisfaction with both parties, it's pointed more at the Democrats, given their control of the big chair at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave."

The poll wasn't all positive for conservatives; the vast majority of respondents thought the GOP "out of touch with people's concerns" and Tea Party opponents outnumbered supporters 48-40. Nonetheless, the poll clearly spelled trouble for Democratic interests in the November elections.

Tuesday's Good Morning America skipped the news though, spending 18 minutes instead on "Dancing With the Stars." The World News spent almost two minutes on a dog-owning couple's quest to find owners for other dogs, and over two minutes on homemade recipe food contests.

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