CNN Money Ignores States Saying Obamacare Is Driving Up Insurance Costs

[UPDATED BELOW] When New York claimed that the state's individual health insurance costs would fall by half thanks to Obamacare, CNN Money reported the announcement that day. However, when Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, and Florida all recently claimed that health insurance costs would go up due to Obamacare, CNN Money still has not reported those claims.

Back on July 17, New York claimed that individuals would see health insurance costs fall in half thanks to the law. CNN anchor Carol Costello touted it as a boost for the supposedly beleaguered law, "buried in all the negative news."

Two days later on July 19, Indiana stated that health insurance rates would go up 72 percent for those buying their own individual plans because of Obamacare. On July 30, Florida and Georgia announced that individual health insurance rates would jump because of Obamacare, and Ohio chimed in that residents purchasing insurance on the state-run Obamacare exchange would have to pay 41 percent more in 2014.

Yet CNN Money did not report these claims of states insisting the Obamacare exchange would drive up prices, after reporting New York's announcement that it would cut costs.

Reuters acknowledged that the claims about Obamacare depended on if the respective state supported the Affordable Care Act:

"Several states that have embraced the healthcare reform have shown residents how the law will reduce insurance costs, while those that have opposed its implementation are beginning to present it as a more expensive prospect for consumers."

It's not the first time CNN has acted as an Obama megaphone for the President's health care law. The network has used cartoon characters to tout the benefits of the law, as well as foretell the disastrous consequences that would ensue if it was overturned.

[UPDATE: 8/9/13 12:12 p.m. ET] On Tuesday, August 6, CNN Money reported that health insurance costs will indeed rise in certain states. "Some lightly regulated states, including Indiana, Ohio, Florida and South Carolina, have recently released preliminary rate information highlighting steep price increases," the report stated.

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