Oops! CNN Commentator Falsely Accuses Okla. State Rep While Trying to Score Liberal Points on Tornado

Liberal comic Dean Obeidallah, a regular CNN commentator, flubbed the facts on Tuesday trying to expose an Oklahoma state representative for not wanting to mandate tornado shelters in schools because it would be "government interference."

An outraged Obeidallah hit Rep. Mark McBride (R) for hypocrisy, and tossed in his liberal tidbit on guns: "Shocking to hear elected official in Okl say doesn't want 'govt interference' requiring tornado shelters at schools. But guns in school ok?" However, this actually wasn't what the representative told CNN's Chris Cuomo on Tuesday.

McBride actually wanted tornado shelters in schools even if some think it's "government interference":

"That's something that we want to see next year, some legislation that these schools have some place for these children to get to. Because these – the children are – they're sacred, and we need to protect these kids, and I don't know. You could say it's more government interference, but, to not have a storm shelter in these schools, we've got to change."

McBride went on to say it will be a priority in the future despite a "stretched" budget:

"And there's an expense factor. Our budget's stretched. The education takes a lot of the money for our state. 50-plus percent. So it's just – I don't think it's been a priority, but I think after this it will become a priority as we build schools."

Thinking that McBride was shrinking away from a tornado shelter mandate, Obeidallah called the comment "unreal" and lashed out on Facebook, too:

"Im simply dumbfounded as I just heard an a Okl State elected official on CNN say Im not sure we need more 'government interference' that would require schools build tornado shelters! So requiring schools to have guards with guns is fine "govt interference" but not a shelter to save lives of kids?!"

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