Even Piers? CNN's Morgan Goes Sour on Obama

The same CNN host who slobbered back in 2011, "A lot of things are just perfect about Barack Obama," is now taking the President to task for lack of transparency.

Two nights in a row, CNN's Piers Morgan whacked the Obama administration for promising transparency before three scandals revealed that promise to be broken at best. "[T]he real problem for Barack Obama, it seems to me, as the President, is that he promised to be different. He promised to be transparent. None of this looks very transparent, does it?" Morgan pressed on his Wednesday night show.

Morgan first tweeted his frustration on Monday afternoon, knocking the President's promise of transparency.

Just back in 2011, Morgan repeatedly lauded Obama as a President who entered office with goodwill but was stymied by ruthless Republicans. Morgan even fawned to White House adviser David Axelrod, "I always feel he's got so many pluses, doesn't he? In a sense, he's personable, he's handsome, he can be funny. You know, abroad he has this great image for America. A lot of things are just perfect about Barack Obama."

Fast-forward to the present and the liberal CNN host is not impressed. "What about Obama as a leader? Because I've not been overly impressed on any of these scandals," Morgan criticized on Thursday night.

"If you're going to put yourself up as the whiter-than-white transparent president, then none of these three things, Benghazi, the AP scandal or the IRS scandal -- none of them are what I would call transparent government," Morgan continued.

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