CNN Hosts Wave to Obama Like Admirers

After CNN correspondent Jim Acosta felt like pinching himself at Monday's inauguration parade, host Wolf Blitzer couldn't contain himself as he tried to get the attention of both President Obama and Vice President Biden.

Blitzer gushed that "Look, this is history over here," as the President and First Lady made their way down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the White House. He waved to Obama saying "Mr. President," but was drowned out by crowd noise. Blitzer did the same with Vice President Biden.

"Well, you know, we're spectators," Blitzer told colleague Kate Bolduan, who agreed. "We're tourists here in Washington." So reporters are merely "spectators" and "tourists" at the inauguration ceremonies? Acosta and Blitzer behaved like groupies.

CNN legal analyst Jeff Toobin raved over the President and First Lady walking the last section of the parade to the White House. "I think it is so great that they get out of the car. You know? The people deserve to see their president, and it is so much better when they are walking rather than in an enormous car."

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