Dem Senate Candidate Insulted CNN's Candy Crowley, But CNN Hasn't Reported It

A Democratic Senate candidate insulted CNN's Candy Crowley by joking to a male debate moderator "You're prettier than her," but CNN still hasn't covered that after a week. The network quickly jumped all over GOP Senate candidate Richard Mourdock for his comments on rape and abortion, however.

After Democrats pounced on Mourdock for saying pregnancies, even in cases of rape, are "something that God intended to happen," CNN hammered the story all day Wednesday. Anchor Ashleigh Banfield spent over 20 minutes – one-third of her news hour – on Mourdock's comments and his press conference.

CNN brought up the Todd Akin controversy and wondered if Mourdock's remark would hurt Republican chances with women.

Meanwhile, CNN still hasn't covered an Arizona Democratic Senate candidate insulting one of its own reporters at a debate. The moderator remarked "now I know how Candy Crowley felt" after refereeing a contentious exchange between the candidates. Democrat Richard Carmona quipped "You're prettier than her."

Carmona apologized the next day for his words, in a statement to Politico. Even the liberal Huffington Post listed his joke, along with Mourdock's comment, as an "11th hour blunder" in a "tossup Senate race."

"While this might normally be written off as a gaffe, Carmona was already vulnerable on his attitude towards women since Rep. Jeff Flake's (R-Ariz.) campaign recently aired an ad featuring Carmona's former boss claiming that he has issues with anger, ethics and women," the Post wrote. "Carmona's most recent comment might serve to fuel that narrative."

h/t Politico

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