MSNBC's Willie Geist Endorses Voters Grasping the 'Calm,' the 'Decency' of the Bidens

August 19th, 2020 2:34 PM

Last week, we caught CNN anchor John Berman and South Carolina Democrat Bakari Sellers denying there were any politics involved as they gushed over Joe Biden's pick of Kamala Harris as his running mate.

Today it was MSNBC's turn to negate any notion that, heaven forbid, politics could possibly be involved in expressing support for Joe Biden. Willie Geist, normally the less-politicized voice of the Morning Joe crew, made a heartfelt plea for Biden, all while denying politics were in any way behind his words. He suggested voters who just want a calmer political environment might vote in November for every radical-left policy shift in America because Donald Trump is too rude on Twitter. 


WILLIE GEIST: As we end our interview there with Jill Biden, I'll just say again and again: this isn’t a political comment, this is just a feel comment, that Joe Biden has tapped into something visceral, was, do you want to feel this way every day when you wake up in the morning and you see the latest thing that the president has said or done or tweeted? 

Or do you want to have a little sense of calm? Do you want to have a little sense of decency in the country? And I think when you watched Jill Biden, a schoolteacher, deliver that speech from her classroom, and you watched her story, and the loss that that family has suffered, and how they've responded to it and talked about it over the years, there’s just no question — again, politics aside, policy aside — that these are decent people. And I think that will --


GEIST: -- play into some people’s decision.

Willie doesn't merely claim that Biden will create a sense of "calm," and "decency." Geist personally vouches for their character: "there’s just no question that these are decent people." The Bushes were decent people, and that never stopped Scarborough from asking "IS BUSH AN IDIOT?" 

When a member of the liberal media feels constrained to deny—twice in the course of a minute—that politics in any way color his comments, it's fair to assume that just the opposite is true.

Willie Geist's supposedly apolitical endorsement of Joe Biden was sponsored in part by Safelite