Joy Reid Guest: Trump Supporters Ignorant, Dems 'Intellectually Curious'

August 18th, 2019 12:12 PM

Among Hillary Clinton's many dubious achievements is her introduction of "deplorables," as a synonym for Trump supporters, into the American political lexicon.

But if that was a one-off, there's another liberal out there who has made a virtual cottage industry out of insulting Trump supporters. Meet Tiffany Cross, moving force behind a website called The Beat DC, and a regular Joy Reid guest. Cross's particular niche is disparaging the intelligence of the Trump base.

Back in February, our Brad Wilmouth caught Cross calling Fox News viewers "half-witted" and the Trump base "ignorant." And just last week, Cross expressed doubt that anyone at a Trump rally could find Greenland on a map.

Which brings us to today, where Cross, once again appearing on Reid's MSNBC show, doled out more denigration of Trump supporters. Cross claimed that Trump supporters suffer from "a willful layer of ignorance." Adding an invidious comparison, Cross asserted that Democrats are a "much more intellectually curious crowd, open to ideas."



Cross then proceeded to contradict herself. Right after saying that the Trump base is "immovable," she claimed that "you have more people jump ship from the sinking MAGA ship over to this [Democrat] side." I doubt that. But assuming, arguendo, that you're right, Ms. Cross: didn't you just say the Trump base is "immovable?" 

Cross suffers from at least one other intellectual inconsistency. At her Beat DC website, she boasts of seeing things "through the lens of diversity and inclusion." Right. Because. nothing says diversity and inclusion like calling people whose views differ from yours a bunch of half-witted ignoramuses!

Note also that in addition to claiming falsely that Trump "got a lot of help from Russia" in 2016, Cross fretted that China and Iran will seek to help Trump in 2020. Really? Is Cross unaware that Trump has been fighting a trade war with China? Or that Trump withdrew the US from the Iran deal that Democrats so passionately embrace? 

Here's the transcript.

AM Joy
10:28 am EDT

TIFFANY CROSS: [Trump's] base has not expanded. This is not a president who has incurred [sic] any more voters during this tumultuous two years. And so, he has the hard-core base who are immovable, you cannot penetrate I would say this willful layer of ignorance that they have. And so, I think on the Democratic side, it is a much more, I think, intellectually curious crowd who are open to ideas. And you have more people jump ship from the sinking MAGA ship over to this side. So, I just don't, I hate to say that we should be so confident that he won’t get re-elected, because look: we have to take into account that he had a lot of help from Russia the last time, and this time there’re going to be China, and Iran, potentially influencing or trying to influence the election. So nobody should take anything for granted. It should still be a big help.