MSNBC in Overdrive: Here's a Joy Reid Impeachment-Frenzy Mashup

June 9th, 2019 2:35 PM

To say that Joy Reid has impeachment on the noggin is a vast understatement. Once again on Saturday, Reid -- the former Obama campaign aide -- devoted the great majority of her MSNBC show to pushing Donald Trump's impeachment.

For our readers' entertainment, we've put together a mashup in which the I-word was used no fewer than 46 times in a variety of forms and contexts -- and we might have missed a few!



And as we know, for liberals, "diversity" refers to matters of melanin and other identity characteristics, not to a diversity of thought. Thus, Reid assembled a carefully curated cast of guests whose views ran the gamut from cautiously favoring impeachment to passionately calling for it. 

Not one voice on the show was heard making the case in support of President Trump—unless you count Nancy Pelosi, who prefers to imprison the President rather than impeach him!

Given that the Senate would be most unlikely to convict/remove him, does Reid really believe that it would hurt President Trump's re-election prospects if the House were to impeach him? Does she care? 

My sense is that she and other zealots, driven by burning hatred of Trump, are more interested in impeachment for its own sake, rather than as an aspect of any cogent political strategy. The emotional intolerance of leaving Trump in office is all. 

One thing is certain: impeaching President Trump would fire up the base— well, obviously the Democrats, but also the Republican base.