Pitiless: CNN's Jeffrey Toobin Says Kirstjen Nielsen Will 'Get What She Deserves'

April 8th, 2019 8:15 AM

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin has taken the trope about not letting the door hit you on the way out an ugly step further.

On today's New Day, discussing the departure of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Toobin predicted that "for the rest of her life," Nielsen will be remembered as the woman who "who put children in cages . . . the woman who broke up families across the border." Declared Toobin: "You know what? They'll be right."

Concluded a pitiless Toobin: "She's going to get what she deserves."

According to Toobin, Nielsen deserves to be forever vilified because she implemented immigration policies established by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Toobin also held out Nielsen as an example of the way in which President Trump is "the great reputation killer."

In twice declaring that Nielsen will be remembered "for the rest of her life" for putting children in cages, and that she will "get what she deserves," Toobin evokes an ancient prophet placing a curse on someone.

Here's the transcript. 

New Day
7:02 am EDT

JEFFREY TOOBIN: Kirstjen Nielsen, I think, is a great example of what happens when you go to work for Donald Trump. He is the great reputation killer. Here is this woman who was a reasonably-admired bureaucrat. And for the rest of her life, for the rest of her life, people will look at her and think, oh, that's the woman who put children in cages. That's the woman who broke up families across the border. And you know what? They'll be right. Because she implemented that policy. Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, sort of created it, but she implemented it. And, you know, she's going to get what she deserves.