Using the 'Same Language': CNN's Camerota Lumps Trump with Synagogue Mass Murderer

October 31st, 2018 8:14 AM

Alisyn Camerota has described one of President Trump's campaign messages as "vitriolic attacks on the media." Can you blame Trump for criticizing the media when, in the same breath, Camerota twice lumped the President with an accused mass murderer?

On CNN this morning, Camerota said: 

"Midterms messaging, we'll start with, from the president. So he seems to be zeroing in on the two pillars of the media, continuing his vitriolic attacks against the media, and migrants, continuing to, in fact, ratchet up the language about them and frankly, I mean, I have to say it, using some of the same language that the mass murderer at the synagogue used in terms of invaders and invasion."

A bit later, Camerota again lumped President Trump with the synagogue shooter:

"These tragedies work at cross-purposes with his narrative. So it's hard for him to celebrate his narrative of vilifying migrants when, again, the alleged mass murderer did the same thing."

Camerota presumably understands that there are valid reasons to oppose open borders, reasons that people from Nancy Pelosi to Barack Obama have expressed, and that doing so does not put someone in the same category as a mass murderer.

So when Camerota makes this kind of odious analogy, it must be seen for what it is: a rancid, partisan attack by CNN, launched just days before the elections.