CNN Snarks at Melania's Kenya Visit: 'African Queen--Stylist Should be Very Proud'

October 5th, 2018 7:57 AM

Can you imagine CNN crediting Michelle Obama's stylist for her look, rather than the First Lady's own innate fashion sense? Unthinkable!

But in a New Day report on Melania Trump's visit to a game park in Kenya, CNN international correspondent Farai Sevenzo snarked:

"The elephants were very happy to see her feeding them with a bottle. She was dressed, really, in the classic kind of Out of Africa by Sydney Pollack way, or even John Huston's, The African Queen: the jodhpurs, the boots. The color was all there. And the stylist should be very proud of himself."



At the end of his report, Sevenzo said: "tonight, she'll be heading off to the National Gallery to get a bit of culture."

Perhaps a harmless remark, that last one. But again, can you imagine CNN suggesting that Michelle Obama was going to "get" a bit of culture?