Mika Meltdown: Calls for a GOP 'Crisis Candidate'

Get that gal a Valium. Make it a double . . . "Melodramatic" doesn't begin to describe Mika Brzezinski's histrionic hand-wringing on today's Morning Joe. Mika is in meltdown, on the brink of a political nervous breakdown.

Mika's recurring theme [abetted by the panel] was horror at the spectacle of Ted Cruz's call for special attention to Muslim neighborhoods, and the spat between Cruz and Trump over their respective wives. At one point Mika claimed that Americans are "really scared" by the political situation, and later called for a "crisis candidate" to step in. Uncle Joe Biden to the rescue?

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: NBC's Chris Jansing, thank you very much for those new developments. And actually, it's kind of sobering to hear all that, Richard Haass, because I think freaking out and wigging out are the wrong words about how people feel about this election. I think people are getting really scared, especially in light of the latest news in terms of what some of these candidates have said and what they're debating and tweets about wives actually happening . . . I'm feeling like, Mike Barnicle, we're going to need to have a crisis candidate at this point.
NICOLE WALLACE: What do you mean? 

MIKA: I, I, I, I don't even know. Somebody who steps in --

WALLACE: That's what Kasich thinks he is. 

MIKA: No. Mike, take it away. I --


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