Morning Joe Teases Todd Over Testy Exchange With Caroline Kennedy About Hillary '16

Yesterday, MRC's Matt Hadro reported on the testy exchange NBC's Chuck Todd had with US Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy regarding Hillary's possible presidential run.  Caroline and her Uncle Ted had famously endorsed  Barack Obama over Hillary back in '08, so when Todd probed Caroline on her support for a Hillary run in '16, things got, as Matt said, "prickly."

During his appearance on today's Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski, over Todd's mild objection, replayed the interview in which a clearly annoyed Caroline eventually snapped at Todd when he rephrased a question about her support for Hillary, saying "yeah, I just said that."  Mika and Joe Scarborough had some fun at Todd's expense over the testy exchange.  Todd, meanwhile, cautioned "I think some people are misreading that maybe—I think we should not read her mind and say 'oh, she is not enthusiastic about Hillary Clinton again."  Right.  View the amusing video after the jump.

If Ambassador Caroline is as undiplomatic with the Japanese as she was with Chuck, it's no wonder our trade deal with them fell through!

I'll be back with the transcript.

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