Mika: Hillary's 'Cabal' Would 'Get Rid Of' Elizabeth Warren If She Expressed Presidential Ambitions

To use a word dear to NewsBusters' dear late Noel Sheppard, ah, the delicious ironies of history. Back in 1998 Hillary Clinton famously complained of a "vast right-wing conspiracy" out to get her husband. Sixteen years later, it's Hillary herself being accused at sitting at the center of a powerful "cabal" capable of crushing political opponents.

The irony is that this unflattering portrait of Hillary's machine emanates from the media left, in the person of Mika Brzezinski.  On today's Morning Joe, Brzezinski argued that, when recently interviewed by ABC's David Muir, Warren had to deny any presidential ambitions because had she not "the Hillary Clinton cabal would close in on her and get rid of her so quickly."  View the video after the jump.

Mika has made no mystery of her Fauxcohantas fandom.  And she was peeved today at Muir for putting poor Elizabeth on the spot with his question as to whether she was "Hillary's nightmare."  Scarborough suggested Muir was merely being a "great journalist."

See the video and savor the irony.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Here's the thing. [Mika speaks coyly] she's not running for president. Of course not. Senator Elizabeth Warren is attracting a lot of attention with today's release of her new book. While the story recounts some of her past experiences, there is plenty of focus on her future plans.

Cut to Warren interview by ABC's David Muir.

DAVID MUIR: I've read a number of articles just within the last week and one is titled
"Hillary's Nightmare." And they're talking about you.

ELIZABETH WARREN: You know, I don't get who writes these headlines or what they're about. I think there's just kind of a pundit world out there.

MUIR: Are you going to run for president?

WARREN: I'm not running for president. [Ed.: at this moment.]

MUIR: There's nothing that could change your mind?

WARREN: David, like I said, I'm not running for president.

MUIR: And do you think Hillary Clinton would make a good president?

WARREN: I think Hillary Clinton is terrific. [NB: doesn't say she thinks Hillary would be a good president.] We've got to stay focused on these issues right now.
JOE SCARBOROUGH: You know, I think she's exactly right. Willie Geist, there is a pundit world out there and the water's so warm inside of it, isn't it?

WILLIE GEIST: It is: come inside, Senator Warren. Water's just fine.


GEIST: So you don't think there's any chance she runs to the left of Hillary Clinton or whoever the Democrat is?

BRZEZINSKI: I think people really want her to run. And the people I've talked to who are Democrats seem really excited by her. There is no way she could have answered that question any other way. Are you Hillary's nightmare? Thanks, David Muir. That's not very helpful if you want get an answer.

SCARBOROUGH: Not helpful to Warren cause. He's being a great journalist.

BRZEZINSKI: No, actually. That's basically saying you're going to get a no. Because the Hillary Clinton entire cabal would close in on her and get rid of her so quickly. She has to say no.


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