Andrea Mitchell: Hillary Friend Blair's Memoirs 'Taken Out of Context'

It remains to be seen what damage if any the papers of Hillary's close friend Diane Blair will do to Clinton's presumed presidential candidacy. But Andrea Mitchell made one thing clear this morning: if there is anything there [or anywhere else for that matter] that is potentially harmful to Hillary, Mitchell and her MSM cohorts are ready to ride to Clinton's defense.  

On today's Morning Joe, Mitchell trotted out the hoary "taken out of context" chestnut in response to revelations in the Blair papers, such as that Bill Clinton's campaign advisors viewed Hillary as "ruthless." Mitchell also promoted Hillary's excuse that the Lewinsky affair was due to the "stress" that Bill was under.  Right.  View the video after the jump.

Consider what a difference it can make in a presidential election to have an MSM ready to jump on any Republican foibles while defending any Dem debacles.


ANDREA MITCHELL: They [Hillary and Blair] were the two women professors, the only women on campus in professor roles. And so, this was a bond. This is a girlfriend bond and these are the kind of conversations--and Hillary by the way knew that these were going to be made public because she spoke, she did a video when they were donated to the library.  
MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Are you saying they are fair game, Andrea?

MITCHELL: No, I'm not. What I'm saying is that what we've seen so far were taken out of context and we have now read through more of it and there's a lot more about the stress that her husband was going through for which she blames herself.  There's a lot more about the Lewinsky stuff than what we've read.

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