Millionaire Preppy Howard Dean Wants To Level Playing Field Between The 1% and Rest Of 'Us'

What do you mean "us," Kemosabe? If Howard Dean wants to push a job-killing agenda of higher taxes and other redistributionist claptrap, that's his business.  But could he please spare us the faux populism?

In an email Dean sent out earlier today touting the "Inequality For All" house parties his DFA group is organizing [and what sounds like more fun than getting together to gripe about what other people have?], Dean wrote [emphasis added]:  "These 'Inequality for All' Watch Parties are just the kind of action we need to start leveling the playing field between the 1% and the rest of us." After the jump, view the record of just what a member in good standing of the 1% Howard Dean really is.

  • Raised in playground-for-the-rich Hamptons on Long Island.
  • Father was a wealthy stock broker.
  • Family belonged to exclusive Maidstone Golf Club.
  • Family has three-BR apartment on Park Avenue.
  • Attended various prep schools.
  • Attended Yale.
  • Attended Albert Einstein med school and became a doctor.
  • Wife is a doctor
  • Most recent [2003] estimate pegs personal wealth at $4 million.

Yeah, just your average 99%-er workin' stiff!