Wow! Andrea Mitchell Accuses Obama Of 'Bungling' Syria

September 4th, 2013 8:08 AM

Well, there was a Blue Moon just last month, so maybe the time was right for some rare criticism of President Obama by Andrea Mitchell.

Mitchell didn't hold back  on today's Morning Joe, accusing the President of "bungling," being "ambivalent," and of undercutting his Secretary of State and Vice-President.  For good measure, Mitchell suggested that in his heart of hearts, fellow panelist and former Obama spox Robert Gibbs agreed with her acidulous assessment.  View the video after the jump.

Watch Mitchell paste the prez's pathetic performance.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Support does not exist for this. You're right: the President has to speak. I think that they have to also get past the bungling last week. The fact that the President was so ambivalent but didn't even communicate that to his Secretary of State and to his Vice-President. The Vice-President gave a passionate speech last Wednesday to the American Legion. Kerry spoke twice. Friday he spoke coming out of a session of the National Security Council, sent out by the President to give an emphatic call to arms and to declassify the intelligence, critically. That's the penultimate step. That's what you do right before  missiles fly. That's not what you do a week or two before.

My friend here Robert Gibbs talked about the "sequencing" on Meet The Press. He was being I think very careful in signalling that it was not the way he would have ordered it up--giggling right next to me here.