LOL: 'Today' Features Photo Of Obama Trying To Look Tough On Egypt

President Obama's Egypt policy—if you can call it that—has been a feckless disaster.  He has somehow managed to score the dubious hat trick of alienating former President Mubarak's supporters in the military, the backers of ousted President Morsi, and the millions in the street whose demonstrations led the military to depose him.

So what image of President Obama does Today feature this morning in its segment on Egypt?  Why, of PBO extending a forceful fist toward a tableful of aides, including Susan Rice and Eric Holder.  Such a strong leader, that Obama!  View the photo and video after the jump.

Today also passed along without comment Obama's statement that he is "deeply concerned" by events in Egypt.  The photo smacks of a state-issued shot you might see in some Third World outpost where a tinpot leader is seeking to be seen as strong.  Gag us with a Canon Rebel!


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