Limbaugh Repeatedly Rips ‘Young Fool’ Touré Neblett for Attacks on Dr. Ben Carson

March 27th, 2013 1:38 PM

Toure Neblett prefers to go only by his first name.  But henceforth, perhaps the MSNBC contributor might wish to append to his name the prefix "Young Fool"—for that is what Rush Limbaugh repeatedly called him today.

Rush was responding to Toure's characterization of Dr. Ben Carson as a token, a "black friend" used by Republicans "to assuage their guilt."  Listen to the edited audio clip after the jump.

Rush began ripping Toure as a "young fool" in the segment preceding the one captured here.  Nevertheless, Rush managed to get in several more "young fool" references in the recorded segment.  Listen here. Touché , Toure?