Andrea Mitchell: I Share Same 'Concern' As Obama Admin—Hagel Won't Get Vote

Andrea Mitchell/Barack Obama: same struggle!  In an stunningly blatant display of solidarity with the Obama line, Andrea Mitchell declared on today's Morning Joe that she shared the same "concern" with the White House: that poor Chuck Hagel wouldn't get a final vote on his nomination.

Mitchell prefaced her "concern" by roundly condemning Republicans in general--and Senator Ted Cruz in particular--for supposedly attacking Hagel with allegations "completely unsupported by fact." Could somebody please tell me why Mitchell, supposedly a reporter, should so shamelessly be toting the White House's water this way?  View the video after the jump.

ANDREA MITCHELL: It's Benghazi, it's Ted Cruz raising the speeches and throwing out suggestions, completely unsupported by fact, what if you took money from North Korea. What if you took money from Iran? None of that happened, but it was out there to the point where John McCain came to his defense. So as this keeps going, there's a drip, drip, drip. They'll keep finding another speech that they can take and my concern, I think from the administration's perspective, also, is that you're not going to get a final vote, because they'll keep bringing up some other thing. And this thing, he keeps getting weaker over the recess.