Bummed By Debate, Morning Joe's Meacham Fantasizes About Romney's Political Death

October 4th, 2012 12:45 PM

Watching Mitt Romney last night as he revived his campaign while demolishing President Obama was surely a bitter pill for Jon Meacham to swallow.  

On Morning Joe today, the former Newsweek editor sought to console himself.  Meacham—twice—pointed out that although Mark Twain famously wrote that rumors of his death were greatly exaggerated, Twain did eventually die.  Nice analogy, Jon!  View the video after the jump.

Watch Meacham look to keep liberal hope alive by envisioning Mitt Romney's political death.

SCARBOROUGH: This [Romney's strong performance] keeps the game going, right?

JON MEACHAM: It does. I kept thinking of Mark Twain, you know: the rumors of Romney's political death were greatly exaggerated. But Twain still died, so, ah.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Well there's that: God!

MEACHAM: So that could still happen.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Can we get a breaking news banner?: Mark Twain, dead.

A bit later, Meacham, after trying to downplay the importance of Romney's smashing debate victory, returned to his morbid meme . . .

MEACHAM: You know, this is thirty days out [from the election]. I think this would be a much bigger deal in terms of the tactical horserace if this were like 1980, if this debate had been on October 28th, I think this would have been much more, would have much more possibility of being truly transformative. It's hugely important, but again, Mark Twain is dead.

BRZEZINSKI: All right, thank you for that!