Mika Dismayed As Obama Czar Rattner Roots For Scott Brown

Mika Brzezinski played Dem re-education camp counselor on Morning Joe today.  When former Obama "car czar" Steve Rattner wandered off the reservation, expressing support for Scott Brown over Elizabeth Warren in the Massachussetts senate race, Brzezinski tried to herd him back into line, asking him to agree that Warren is a "fantastic" candidate.  

But Rattner would not obey.  While conceding that she was "fantastic," Rattner made clear that he disagrees with her "on about 75% of her views on how the economy and the financial sector should be managed."  View the amusing video after the jump.


Brzezinski seemed intent on avoiding being tarred by Rattner's brush with Dem apostasy.  Agreeing with Warren supporter Howard Dean, Brzezinski stated for the record that "I like her a lot too. I want to be very clear about that." I'll be back with the transcript but in the meantime watch Mika try and fail to play Dem enforcer.