'Übermenschen': Eugene Robinson Puts Nazi-Speak In Romney's Mouth

If whoever invokes Hitler first in an argument loses, then place an 'L' next to Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson's name tonight . . .

On this evening's Ed Show, slamming Mitt Romney's comments about the 47%, Robinson suggested that Romney sees himself as one of the "ubermenschen."  That of course was, by way of Nietzche, one of Hitler's favorite phrases. Video after the jump.

Watch Robinson resort to the lowest form of sophistry: the Nazi slur.

EUGENE ROBINSON: After his inappropriate Libya comments he came out, he looked unsure, he looked unsteady on his feet. He did again today.  You know, I'd be unsteady too if I were trying to run for president on a platform of, you know, no more coddling the servants. Which is essentially his platform, is, we Übermenschen must be tougher with those down below. 


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