ABC: Paul Ryan's Mother Campaigning For A 'Very Calculated' Reason

At one point during Good Morning America's coverage of the presidential race this morning, co-host Dan Harris proclaimed that--"seven days into the newly minted Romney/Romney ticket, the snark and sniping is hitting new levels."

He should know.  The snarkiest snipe of the morning came from Harris's own co-host.  Opening the show, co-host Bianna Golodryga [maried to former Obama budget director Peter Orszag] declared that Paul Ryan's mother would be appearing on the campaign trail with him today "for a very calculated reason."  Do you recall ABC or other MSM outlets depicting, say, Michelle Obama's frequent campaign stops—or politicking thinly-disguised as public service appearances—as "very calculated" or the like? Me neither. View the video after the jump.

So what is this calculating Ryan mom up to?  Appearing with her son as he defends against the Obama campaign's Medi-scare smear.   I'll be back with the transcript, but in the meantime watch how the MSM can subtly snipe at any Republican--even a 78-year old grandmother.

Note: We can imagine that ABC might try to defend itself by saying Golodryga claimed only that the reason for Ryan's mother's appearance was "very calculated," not mom herself.  But working "very calculated" into the line that discussed mom Betty certainly had the effect of undermining the "aww" factor that would normally be associated with the appearance on the campaign of an elderly mother with her son.


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