Not A Typo: Lefty Prof Sachs Says Obama Is 'Shrinking' Government Too Much

Move over, Paul Krugman.  Someone's taken your place as the most extreme advocate of excessive government spending.

On today's Morning Joe, Columbia prof Jeffrey Sachs actually criticized the Obama administration for "shrinking" government too much.  Trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see?  Peanuts compared to what we Sachs wants us to spend!  View the video after the jump.

Sachs emitted his stunner in the course of suggesting that the choice between Romney/Ryan and Obama/Chain Gang Joe isn't as great as might be thought. Both, he fretted, "have already put the country on the path of shrinking government . . . that is pretty unhealthy for the country."

Watch the video and consider that if utopian liberals like Sachs had their way, there would be virtually no limit on the size of government--and the tax burden necessary to finance their redistributionist delusions.


JOE SCARBOROUGH: Are you excited about having Ryan on the ticket because you think it's going to give us a bigger choice between the two camps?

JEFFREY SACHS: Well, it is of course more of a choice.  But I actually write in the Financial Times today that it's a little less of a choice than Obama supporters think, because actually both parties and White House and Congress have already put the country on a path of shrinking government. Of course Ryan, the Ryan plan, would go much further; I think that's the wrong direction.  But we're squeezing areas right now, of course: education, environment--we see devastation all over the place.  We're already on a path that both parties have agreed to that I think is pretty unhealthy for the country.