Wasserman-Schultz: 'I Have No Idea' Of Political Affiliation Of People Behind Ad Blaming Romney For Woman's Death

Serious question: is there anything—anything!—Debbie Wasserman-Schultz won't say to promote Barack Obama?

On Fox News Sunday, interviewed by guest host John Roberts, the Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee somehow managed to keep a straight face as she brazenly claimed: "I have no idea of the political affiliation of folks who are associated" with Priorities USA, the Super PAC that ran the ad essentially blaming Mitt Romney for a woman's cancer death. But as is undoubtedly well known to Wasserman-Schultz, Priorities USA is run by Bill Burton—Obama's former Deputy Press Secretary. View the video after the jump.

What words would you use to describe Wasserman-Schultz's assertion?

JOHN ROBERTS: You probably saw we were talking with John McCain a couple of minutes ago. We aired a little bit of that Priorities USA ad. Should the Democrats be releasing an ad that accuses a presidential candidate of being responsible--through inference--of being responsible for a woman's death?

DEBBIE WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ: Well, first of all, that's a Priorities USA, it's not a Democratic ad --

ROBERTS: I understand--

WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ: --a Priorities USA Super PAC ad, which we had nothing to do with it.

ROBERTS: Do you deny that they're Democrats?

WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ: I have no idea of the political affiliation of folks who are associated with that Super PAC.

ROBERTS: Bill Burton, who used to work in the White House, who worked for the Obama campaign in 2008?

WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ: That is a Super PAC ad that is not affiliated with the Obama campaign or the party.


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