Obama Fundraising Crack-Up? Schizo E-mail Is Latest Symptom

In the current edition of his Best of the Web Today column, James Taranto notes the oddly downbeat fundraising email sent out by deputy Obama campaign manager Stephanie Cutter.  Bearing the subject line "Romney Defeats Obama?", Cutter goes on to warn that such "might be the headline you see" the day after the election.

In recent weeks, this NewsBuster has received a number of similarly pessimistic messages from the Obama folks.  But one just received today is simply strange--downright schizophrenic, you might say.  Read more after the jump.

On the one hand, DNC political director Jeffrey Lerner, writing on behalf of the Obama Victory Fund, opens by saying [emphasis added]: "I'm not interested in the money race, so I'm just going to tell you how it is."

But his very next line is: "Our strength heading into November is going to be determined in large part by how much money we raise now. "

So he's not interested in the money race . . . but the election will hinge on how much money the Dems raise??

Seriously, are we seeing the signs of a Dem crack-up?