BBC Big: Europe Pulling For Obama As More Supportive Of 'Social Democratic' Values

Call it damning with pink praise . . .

On today's Morning Joe, BBC's Katty Kay, anchor of the network's American edition, said that Europeans favor the re-election of President Obama because he is more supportive of "European social-democratic values."  You know, those wonderful welfare-state policies that have worked their magic so well that Europe now enjoys . . . an 11.1% unemployment rate.  View the video after the jump.

Watch Kay suggest what we all know: that PBO is more in line with the values of France and Spain than with those of Florida and South Dakota.  

MARK HALPERIN: So Katty, so far we've said Netanyahu wants Romney, Putin apparently wants Obama re-elected.  I'll ask you to generalize about an entire continent. Who's Europe cheering for in this election?

Kay at first tried to dodge the question, suggesting Europe would really root for the leader of China to come in and bail them out.  But she then admitted the inescapable: that European social democrats see Obama as simpatico to their values.

KATTY KAY: Who's Europe cheering for?  Somebody who can fix Greece, Mark. Anybody that can come in--actually, they're probably cheering for Hu Jintao, who can come in and actually bail out Greek debts and Spanish banks. I don't--you know, Europe, clearly if they had had a primary, and they wanted one very much in 2008, they'd have voted for Obama. Some of the bloom has gone off the relationship, but on the whole they would think that Obama was somebody they know, somebody they feel they can deal with, someone who is more in line with European social-democratic values.

Note: Most MSMers scream when conservatives suggest that President Obama is a soul mate of European social democrats.  But here Kay embraces the notion: interesting!

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