Schultz's Dem Guest: 'Take Out' Republican 'Occupiers'

So much for civility.  With Ed Schultz goading her on, a Dem state senator from Ohio referred to Republican elected officials as "occupiers" and urged women among other things to use their "passion" to "take out" the "right-wing occupiers."

Nina Turner, the state senator in question, used language that would have caused an MSM outrage had a Republican used it to call for people to "take out" Dem "occupiers."  View the video after the jump.


Just imagine the MSM cries of 'incitement' had a Republican similarly sought to delegitimize elected Dem officials and urged supporters to 'take them out'! Listen to Turner's intemperate language.

ED SCHULTZ: Is this war on women alive in your state?  I mean, is it a political issue as it's being reported on the national level?

NINA TURNER: It is, Ed, and it really is unfortunate that we have occupiers of state houses and general assemblies these days that all they care about is prohibiting women and their rights to high-quality health care, reproductive care . . . I would ask the women of this nation to use their political power and their passion to clean state houses and governor's mansions across this country and take out the right-wing occupiers and replace them with elected officials who believe in equality and justice for all.

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