MSNBC's Bashir Superimposes Republican Candidates In Front Of Confederate Flag

Given the abundance of options at the network, it's saying something to name Martin Bashir as the most noisome of MSNBC hosts.  But so he is, in my book.

Witness the low stunt Bashir pulled to open his show today, on the afternoon of the South Carolina primary.  Bashir superimposed photos of the Republican candidates in front of a Confederate flag image.  Lest their be any doubt as to the message Bashir meant to send, the screen graphic read "Rebel Yell."  Oh those racist Republicans.  Video after the jump.

Why not Photoshop the Republicans around a burning cross next time, Martin, and be done with it?

Note:  Bashir can't defend himself on the grounds that the Stars and Bars form part of the South Carolina state flag.  They don't.  See here.